What customers see and use to make an informed choice as to whether to do business with your firm is an increasing focus for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) especially considering recent mis-selling by regulated firms and the Consumer Duty Focus.

It important that staff know what is expected of them:  

  • They understand your appetite for risk in relations to financial promotions  and why this may differ to other regulated firms
  • They understand the difference between financial promotions and other marketing material  
  • They appreciate when and how the rules apply
  • They understand the different requirements of the different media especially as social media is at the very front of the regulator supervisory queue.

Learning outcomes:

  • To explore the financial promotion rules and exceptions
  • To be able to produce compliant financial promotions with good consumer outcomes rather than rely on secondary checks.
  • To know where to reference the rules
  • To develop a methodology which ensures the application of the rules is considered for each communication
  • To know what record keeping is required

Take this training in-house:

This workshop is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.

Stephen Fairclough

Stephen Fairclough


With over 20 years training experience in financial services, Stephen is well placed to support you across a range of consultancy and developmental ac...

With over 20 years training experience in financial services, Stephen is well placed to support you across a range of consultancy and developmental activities. He is a former Head of Education for HSBC covering the UK and Europe, responsible for regulatory and financial crime related compliance learning, and has first-hand experience of meeting logistical deadlines complicated by volume, complexity and geography. His time at HSBC was during intense scrutiny from regulators and government functions during the bank’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

With other roles ranging from advising customers within a high-street retail branch, to Senior Vice President responsible for Global Risk & Compliance training at a US-based bank, Stephen’s range of experience is adaptable to your business.  He also worked in the Insurance Firms division at the Financial Conduct Authority (in the FSA days) where he was the divisional expert for the rules and outcomes required under the Training & Competence handbook. Stephen won the Thomson Reuters award for “Most Effective Compliance Training at a Regulated Firm” in 2010.

The HSBC role, along with five years at Barclays in their Private Clients and Wealth functions, has seen Stephen work with retail, commercial, wholesale and private banking channels.  While enjoying the design and delivery of training to an audience either live or virtually, Stephen can also work with your compliance, HR and operational teams to build or enhance your learning framework, ensuring appropriate systems, controls, checks and balances are in place to withstand any robust regulatory scrutiny, as well as delivering sustainable commercial benefits to your business.

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