Participants will hear a presentation by the Department for Work and Pensions to illustrate the interactions and aims of the Letter of Consent and Letter of Postponement in relation to the Support for Mortgage Interest Loan scheme.

The process will apply to properties in England and Wales only. Scottish properties will follow a comparable process but the differences in Scottish Housing Law require a slightly altered approach. This approach will be shared for comment and consideration separately.


  • How will DWP register their 2nd charge in England and Wales?
  • What documents will lenders need to agree to sign up to the blanket consent process?
  • What flexibilities are built into the process for lenders
  • Are all lenders required to go down the route of blanket consent?
  • If an SMI borrower wishes to remortgage to another lender, how will the Letter of Postponement work and what will lenders need to do?
  • If an SMI borrower wishes to take out a further advance/additional funds, how will DWP postpone their charge and what do lenders need to know?
  • What next steps should lenders take to get the process underway?


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