The Dispute Resolution Handbook sets out the rules and regulations  for the FOS. But what does that really look like in practice, and how does it work in the day to day?

This highly practical half day course will de-mystify the FOS - from how it really works, to its approach to complaints. We?ll look at its remit and what this means - at a very practical level - for firms with complaints. We?ll also dig into what the FOS looks for when assessing a complaint, and what can help or hinder a complaint.

Prevention is better than cure and we?ll also look further ahead, to some seemingly simple things firms can do (or not do) to avoid complaints escalating further.


By attending this session you will:

  1. Have a deeper understanding about how the FOS works
  2. Know what to expect if you have a complaint at the FOS
  3. Navigate the FOS process more easily
  4. Understand what the FOS looks for when looking at a complaint
  5. Spot the pitfalls and prevent unnecessary escalations to FOS

The course will be of value to those overseeing or having senior management responsibility for complaints, and frontline and ?business as usual? customer queries and journeys, including Complaints, Customer Services, Customer Experience, Operations, Compliance, Legal and Quality Assurance professionals in FCA regulated organisations.