Course overview:

The world of Cryptocurrency is evolving rapidly, with a small number of regulated financial services firms already seeking to benefit from this innovation, particularly in the area of payment services.

The take up in the commercial mainstream is only set to grow as knowledge of the subject increases, the technology becomes better understood and potential blind spots around AML and Compliance are identified and addressed.

This course introduces digital currencies, the risks currently associated with them and the steps that firms need to be taking in order to ensure that compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Digital currencies can be introduced as an alternative method of payment, or form of investment. As long as the technology and risks associated with block chain are understood, then a framework can be established to manage and mitigate the risks, whilst allowing firms to benefit commercially from this innovation.

Learning objectives:

  • Build confidence among senior executives and CCOs when dealing with digital assets, (virtual currencies) and digital ledger technology (blockchain).
  • Consider how regulatory guidance should shape the in-house risk and compliance framework, for effective risk management when dealing with digital assets.
  • Understand digital assets as a means of exchange and payment, including facilitating regulated payments.

Take this training in-house:

This workshop is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.

Leigh-Anne Moore

Leigh-Anne Moore

As former Head of Training at XReg Consulting, and CEO of the company’s UK business, Leigh is passionate about building learning programs. With a core...

As former Head of Training at XReg Consulting, and CEO of the company’s UK business, Leigh is passionate about building learning programs. With a core focus on the risks, opportunities and developments across global regulatory regimes, she is able to leverage her deep understanding of this sector based on her experience. She has developed a wide spectrum of compliance training programs for UK, European and Middle Eastern banks and has helped push regulatory focus to the forefront of training strategies in her previous roles as Head of Finance Academy at HSBC and Senior Strategic Advisor at Samba Bank.

A long time senior executive in the financial services sector, Leigh brings considerable technical expertise leveraging over 20 years in regulatory finance and risk management. She has advised top tier investment and retail banks on how to navigate and implement regulatory changes while balancing strategic and commercial business considerations. Her insights on key regulatory hotspots are helping to shape the crypto regulatory agenda and driving focus on the role of conduct and culture for senior managers and leadership teams.

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Staff in compliance, risk, senior management sectors of Banks in particular.