S1 E13: ESG and the technology intersection: what you need to know

The term Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become synonymous with a global movement towards a better world, a world of greater diversity and inclusion where there is wealth and opportunity for all. In the last year alone, huge progress has been made across the UK and we have come to the ever-present realisation that the financial sector and markets have a significant role to play in ESG.

We do a great job today delivering financial outcomes, but we are not yet optimised to deliver sustainable ones nor are we fully ready to do so.

In this episode, Oge Udensi, Principal, Cyber and Third Party Risk sits with David Cox, Digital Strategist in the worldwide Microsoft Financial Sector group with a focus on sustainability, to explore the growing need for ESG across the financial sector. They will also discuss its impact on technology adoption and what organisations must do to stay on top of their ESG agenda.

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