Issuing and Acceptance

Payment issuance and acceptance ultimately covers the full spectrum of payment options now operating in the retail payments space. 

The issuing agenda ranges from card issuance and the various propositions available to cardholders when making payments. These range from traditional merchant acquiring that has historically been associated with card payments and the management of the underpinning consumer protections to a concept that denotes the full range of interactions between acquirers and their merchant customers in both retail and digital environments. These are often characterised by the array of transactions and styles (growing shift from ‘pull’ to ‘push’ payments), transaction environments (in-store, online/ecommerce, crypto/ wider digital asset space) and full range of product types (cards, ACH, Open Banking payments) now emerging at the traditional point of sale and/or digital online checkout.

Our work spans the complexity of those areas, managing these trends not only in technical innovations coming to the market such as Secure Remote Commerce, but also in helping coordinate the delivery of industry scale and regulatory enforced mandates as is the case with Strong Customer Authentication. There are industry led and government imposed initiatives such as the contactless payment limit increases, as well as our lobbying activity to a myriad of consultations and market reviews.

We also help coordinate the fallout and implications where large scale merchant insolvencies have occurred; demonstrating the invaluable role that acquirers play in carrying the credit risk for a number of industry sectors that underpin the resilience and reliability for the UK economy.

Our work extends to the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new set of rules that will change how you confirm your identity when making purchases online. The implementation of SCA requires merchants and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to work together with technology suppliers, card schemes and many others to deliver SCA in a way which works well for customers.

Area of expertise: