Job Opportunities

UK Finance aspires to be a world-class trade association. To be world-class, we need exceptional staff to make that happen.

Currently we represent around 300 members who represent the banking and finance industry operating in the UK. Our goal is to ensure that the UK retains its role as a global leader in financial services.

Whether you are representing our members or advocating on behalf of the entire sector, a career at UK Finance is one you can be proud of.

UK Finance is headquartered in Angel Court, Bank, London.

How to apply

At UK Finance we are committed to building a diverse workforce and we therefore operate a ‘blind’ recruitment process which means that we remove all personal identifying data from candidate CVs before we share these applications with our hiring managers. This helps our hiring teams to evaluate applicants purely on the basis of their skills, competencies and experience.

If you would like to apply for an advertised position, we therefore request that you submit two copies of your CV. These should be your ‘standard’ CV which includes your name and all the information that you would normally choose to disclose to a prospective employer on your CV, and a second ‘blind’ copy of your CV from which you have removed the following details:

  • your full name (please leave your initials only)
  • any information which indicates your age, sex, sexual orientation or ethnic background. 
  • dates of secondary and tertiary education
  • names of schools and universities that you have attended.
  • personal interests

We also ask that you do not include your photograph on either copy of your CV.

The ‘standard’ version of your CV will be viewed by the HR department only and the ‘blind’ version of your CV will be shared with the relevant hiring team.

If you are interested in applying for one of our roles, please send a short covering letter which references the position you are interested in, along with both your CVs to: