2024 Events and Training Schedule

UK Finance delivers an extensive programme of events and training courses covering the latest developments in finance and banking.

Many of the courses below are also available as in-house workshops. Please contact our training team (training@ukfinance.org.uk) for more details.


24/07/2024WebinarPEP Talk: Navigating PEP Risk Management and Compliance Post-ElectionLearn more


29/08/2024WorkshopIntroduction to Financial MarketsLearn more


05/09/2024WebinarComprehensive Overview of Basel 3.1: The full Basel 3.1 Standards unveiled!Learn more
12/09/2024EventInvoice Finance and Asset-Based Lending Dinner 2024Learn more
12/09/2024WebinarDo you know if you’ve done enough to prepare for the PSR changes?Learn more
12/09/2024WorkshopDifficult Conversations for Mortgage ArrearsLearn more
23/09/2024WorkshopThe Prudential Risks Series - 2024Learn more
23/09/2024WorkshopALCO (Asset-Liability Committee) Governance FrameworkLearn more
24/09/2024WorkshopBuilding Resilience using Conduct and Culture Series - 2024Learn more
24/09/2024Workshop'Right First Time’ Culture Measurement for Regulatory Reporting - Session 1Learn more
24/09/2024WorkshopFundamentals of Financial Risk ManagementLearn more
25/09/2024WebinarLender tech trends – the Iress Mortgage Efficiency Survey 2024 resultsLearn more
26/09/2024WorkshopFundamentals of Integrated Balance Sheet ManagementLearn more
27/09/2024WorkshopEmbedding Enterprise Risk ManagementLearn more
30/09/2024WorkshopManaging Conflicts of InterestLearn more
30/09/2024WorkshopInternal Capital Adequacy Assessment Processes (ICAAP) - Good-Practice PrinciplesLearn more


01/10/2024WorkshopClient and Relationship Management (Invoice Finance and Asset-Based Lending)Learn more
01/10/2024WorkshopConsumer Duty reporting: How to Provide What the Regulator Really Wants - Session 2Learn more
02/10/2024AcademyVulnerability and Consumer Duty Academy – Autumn 2024Learn more
03/10/2024WorkshopThe Effective Board Development ProgrammeLearn more
04/10/2024WorkshopTaking and Evidencing Reasonable StepsLearn more
07/10/2024WorkshopThe Operational Risk Series - 2024Learn more
07/10/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 1: Mastering Risk and Control Self-AssessmentsLearn more
08/10/2024WorkshopReputation Risk: Management Strategies for Financial Stability - Session 3Learn more
09/10/2024WorkshopThe Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP) - Good-Practice PrinciplesLearn more
10/10/2024WorkshopProduct Management and GovernanceLearn more
10/10/2024WorkshopEmbedding the Consumer DutyLearn more
14/10/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 2: Operational risk Appetite and Predictive Key Risk IndicatorsLearn more
15/10/2024WorkshopDefending Against Cyber Risk: Preventing Attacks that Exploit Organisational Culture - Session 4Learn more
16/10/2024WorkshopNavigating the Risks of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Financial CrimeLearn more
22/10/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 3: Risk Events, Scenario Analysis and Emerging RisksLearn more
23/10/2024EventPayment Difficulties and Recoveries ConferenceLearn more
24/10/2024WorkshopFunds Transfer Pricing (FTP) - The Principles and ApplicationLearn more
28/10/2024WorkshopInterest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) - Good-Practice PrinciplesLearn more
31/10/2024EventScotland Mortgage Lunch 2024Learn more


04/11/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 4: Best Practices for Risk ReportingLearn more
06/11/2024WorkshopComplaints – The Process and Our Customer ExperienceLearn more
11/11/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 5: Incorporating ESG into Operational Risk FrameworkLearn more
11/11/2024WorkshopCommercial Customer Risk: Workshop 1 - Introduction to Financial AnalysisLearn more
12/11/2024WorkshopAdvanced Financial AnalysisLearn more
13/11/2024WorkshopManaging the Risk of Outsourcing in Financial ServicesLearn more
13/11/2024WorkshopSustainable Banking and Climate Risk ManagementLearn more
14/11/2024EventWomen in Sanctions ForumLearn more
18/11/2024WorkshopCommercial Customer Risk: Workshop 2 - Advanced Financial Analysis (Part 1)Learn more
18/11/2024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 6: Building Effective Operational Risk Teams and Embedding Risk CultureLearn more
20/11/2024WorkshopCompliance MonitoringLearn more
20/11/2024WorkshopRecovery Planning and Resolution Planning best-practice principlesLearn more
21/11/2024WorkshopFinancial Promotions and Consumer DutyLearn more
25/112024WorkshopOperational Risk - Session 7: Maturity Assessment and The Future of Operational Risk Discipline Learn more
26/11/2024WorkshopCommercial Customer Risk: Workshop 3 - Advanced Financial Analysis (Part 2)Learn more


03/12/2024WorkshopPreventing, Detecting and Investigating Financial CrimeLearn more
06/12/2024WorkshopCommercial Customer Risk: Workshop 4 - Understanding Customer RiskLearn more
11/12/2024EventMortgage Dinner 2024Learn more
12/12/2024EventEconomic Crime CongressLearn more

Online Learning

On-DemandIF/ABL Foundation Course 2024Learn more
On-DemandIF/ABL Certificate Course 2024Learn more
On-DemandIF/ABL Industry Risk Modules 2024Learn more
On-DemandIF/ABL Diploma: Financial Understanding 2024Learn more
CourseCertificate in ComplianceLearn more
CourseCertificate in Anti-Money LaunderingLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Conduct RiskLearn more
CourseCertificate in Managing Sanctions RiskLearn more
CourseCertificate in Financial Crime PreventionLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Combatting the Financing of TerrorismLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Anti-CorruptionLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Financial Crime Risk in Global Banking and MarketsLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Trade Based Money LaunderingLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Conduct RiskLearn more
CourseSpecialist Certificate in Money Laundering Risk in Correspondent BankingLearn more